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What is Kenpo?

The word Kenpō in translation. "Ken" meaning 'Fist' and "Po" meaning 'Method' or 'Law'. A correct interpretation of the word Kenpō would be 'Fist Method', the same meaning as 'Quanfa'. However, it is often misinterpreted as 'the Law of the Fist'. Kenpō Also known as. Kempo, Kenpo.

Basic Princeiples

Kenpo emphasizes economy of motion and economy of time. Our lineage of American Kenpo has come along way since the days of its karate based roots, our emphasis to intercept incoming strikes and launching our own attacks from point of origin has altered our path, as we continue to uncover the secrets of this ever evolving art we are greatful to be guided by one of the most talented instuctors in the Kenpo space 8th Degree Associate Master Mr Francisco Vigoroux.

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Kenpo is a fantastic way to build or maintain good levels of fitness, develop motor skills, co-ordination and balance.

At Kenpo UK we have a friendly relaxed atmosphere, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Whether you are new to martial arts or have past experiance, our instructors will indevour cater to your needs.

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